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I write good words
so you don’t have to.

Writing is hard. So, I’ll handle that while you do what you do best: run your business.

The return 
of adventurous 


Have you ever been chased from an ancient ruin by bees? Well, I have. And while my copy has little to do with bees, it will attract swarms of customers to your business.


I wasn’t in that bee-infested ruin for my health. I was an archaeologist. Think ‘Indiana Jones’ but better with words (and worse fashion sense). So now, I craft adventurous copy that can help you:


Turn marketing hieroglyphs into artful communication.

Wrap your creative messages tighter than a mummy.

Build monumental sales pages.

Forge iron-clad email funnels.

And tomb-fulls more.


So, get in touch and let’s get your business and your customers buzzing.*

*Terrible bee-related/archaeological puns optional.

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Folks I’ve worked with:

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Zaira Palumbo,

Singing Teacher and Performer

"George helped me to provide a consistent voice across my website and convey a more relaxed and approachable narrative for my target audience. He was very efficient and easy to work with, quickly making any changes that I requested and clearly explaining the choices he made. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a professional copywriter."
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