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Rhymes with ‘orange’.

So you want to know more about me, eh? Nosey aren't we... Though, I'm one to talk. I used to rifle through the possessions of people who've been dead for thousands of years. And broken pottery. Heaps of the stuff. 


I was an archaeologist, in case you were wondering—not some kind of grave robber or crazed anti-ceramicist. But then I taught secondary English. So, perhaps a little crazed? Definitely adventurous. And those weird and wacky experiences have made me better at what I do.


Which is great news for you, right?


It’s all about the story—and being born in Norwich, the ‘City of Stories’, I should know. After all, the properly-chosen words have a unique power. They can make or break a message. Build connections. Spark emotion. Make people sit up, pay attention and take action. All through a collection of well-placed squiggles on a page. Mind-bending stuff, when you think about it.

And if you want to put those squiggles to work, I’m your guy. Equipped to help you craft stories that best represent you, your business, your goals—and get your readers taking action. 


For copy that’s backed by research. Crafted with intention. Driven by results. Always adventurous—I write good words (because ‘the best’ is way too cocky).


So, let’s get you some.

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