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Athena Games


‘About Us’ page


Athena Games had never produced an ‘About’ page before, so wanted an informative and engaging page for their main website that does what all great ‘About’ pages do best: find a clear balance between storytelling and the benefits for customers.


I knew Athena Games well, having shopped there myself for several years. So, after a long (and incredibly nerdy, because we both love Lord of the Rings, among other things) research call with the owner, I produced a page that tells the story of Athena Games, why they do what they do and what that means for their customers and fans. Taking into account the range of products and the clientele, I was able to play with the tone a great deal to produce a piece that captures the essence of the store, the people who work there, and the community they serve.

Athena- mockup.png
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