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At its core, copywriting is: any and all writing that’s intended to make the reader do something. Take action. Sign-up for something. Buy something. Sell something… the list goes on. 


The key lies in understanding your audience. Crafting the right messages and building emotional connections to ensure that when they’re ready to take action, they think of you and your brand first. 


That’s what I do. I write websites, emails, printed materials, sales pages and more. All designed to grab attention, build connection and encourage action. Need something from that list? Let’s talk.


Content Writing 

Though there’s sometimes crossover, content is a bit different to copy. While copy is meant to encourage your reader to take action, content is meant to inform, educate, entertain and build relationships. You don’t necessarily need anyone to walk away from your content thinking anything other than it was pretty neat. But the more value you can add, the better.

Enter: me.


With blogs, video scripts, ebooks, product descriptions and more.


And if you already have some words, but you’re thinking: "these words can be better, but how the f***?!", then I can help with that, too (cathartic swearing optional).


Brand Consultation 

Alongside all kinds of businessy writing, I can also consult on your wider brand. We’ll take a holistic look at your brand and advise on how to grow your reputation positively over time. 


Of course, my expertise lies in the written elements: tone of voice guidelines, campaign slogans, taglines and even business names. But I have a wide network of collaborators at my fingertips, ready to help with everything from design and photography to SEO and strategy. Basically a team of innovation Avengers. 


So, if you need a team of tried and true creative heroes to help you hit your business goals, get in touch.

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